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Malaga film festival



The month of April brings art and film culture to our city. Malaga displays the red carpet for the nineteenth edition of its Film Festival, which will be held from April 22 to May 1.

The Malaga Festival was created to stimulate the transmission and promotion of Spanish cinema and to become a benchmark, nationally as well as internationally, in the field of film events.

The Malaga Festival contributes greatly to the development of Spanish language cinema, in presenting its best documentaries, short films, etc., in addition to paying tribute to different personalities in the film industry and organizing numerous cycles, exhibitions and parallel activities.

To enjoy these days in Malaga, is to live the experience to be immersed in Film culture with capital letters. Not only in cinemas and theaters, but also on the streets. The opportunity to see the professionals, actors, directors, to discover the latest new movies. And why not, to feel part of it all and to take with us, amongst our holiday memories, a souvenir in the form of a glamorous picture in the celebrities photocall.

The sun and the magnificent spring temperatures that accompany us on these dates will invite you to go out, both day and night. Walking around the city, after returning from a tan in the sun on our fabulous beaches. Resting our feet, while we drink a good wine at any terrace. Going out for lunch or dinner, savouring the delicious food from our rich and varied cuisine. What more could you ask for? You will have the opportunity to find out that holidays and culture are not incompatible, but can be the perfect complement to spend some unforgettable days in our area.

That’s all for today.  If you are still in doubt where to spend your next holidays, do not miss our next post. Maybe you will choose us!


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María G.

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